Municipality of Capannori

Municipality of Capannori – Comune di Capannori is a public authority of the Monte Pisano area, it implements at local level policies on environment, economic development, welfare and culture. Capannori municipality is well reputed at national level having developed several best practices on environment, tourism, active citizenship and inter-cultural dialogue.


The Municipality adopted the Aalborg Chart and apply Green Public Procurement scheme for sustainable development, beside being an active member of the international level Zero Waste Alliance, committing several authorities to waste reduction policies. The Municipality’s Marketing and EU Policies Office currently manages several regional, national and EU funded projects focussing on local development and international cooperation, with focus on Environment, Tourism promotion, Social and Cultural development, SMEs competitiveness in Agriculture, ICT and Tourism. The Office manages as well 2 tourism information points (IAT), coordinates the local observatory of destination (OTD – Osservatorio Turistico di Destinazione) and two networks of tourism-related SMEs (“Rete del Verde” and “Rete delle Ville”).


The Municipality is part of the Network of Seven Municipalities of the Monte Pisano area and Network spokesperson. The Municipality staff account for about 350 units.