Almost ready the DiscOver55 tourist packages!

Almost ready the DiscOver55 tourist packages!

The four destinations of DiscOver55, clockwise: Montepisano, Vulkanland,  Lake Saimaa, Izola

After completing the pilot tests phase and the following evaluation of results, the DiscOver55 project team started to work on finalizing the tourist product that will be commercialized at the end of the project.

The evaluation report, carefully elaborated by DiscOver55 partners on the data collected with two questionnaires involving around 60 senior people that participated in the pilot tests, has acknowledged that the visiting programs in each destination were often too “full” for the participants, with too many different activities and too tight schedules. Therefore the project team decided to design 4 different  packages for each destination, instead of a comprehensive one for each country. The packages are divided into  4 different themes suitable for the target group of senior tourists and that were positively evaluated by the pilot test participants, i.e.:

History & Culture

Nature & Open Air

Music & Dancing

Handcraft & Workshops

DiscOver55 packages will be ready in May 2017, when they will be uploaded on the project website, commercialized by tour operators and officially presented at national and international final events of the project.